About Agata

VLF CLC Fellow - Agata

My name is Agata Wierzbowski. I am a lawyer at the Consumer Action Law Centre, a campaign-focused consumer advocacy organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. I am also the Victoria Law Foundation Community Law Centre (CLC) Fellow for 2014/15.

Consumer Action provides, among other things, free consumer law advice to consumers and community workers, and pursues consumer litigation on behalf of disadvantaged Victorians. My work at Consumer Action largely involves running litigation and legal casework in the areas of general contract, fair trading, credit and debt, utilities, bankruptcy and insurance law. As an organisation that seeks to integrate its policy and casework, I am also involved in various non-casework projects. These have included: making submissions around the improved function of the Magistrates’ Court civil rules, improving access to justice in motor car disputes, and working with other organisations in relation to addressing Aboriginal civil law need.

I have a long-standing interest in innovative community lawyering and finding creative solutions to social justice issues. I completed my Masters in Law (Public & International Law) at the University of Melbourne in 2013, and I have volunteered with many CLCs across the sector, including the Women’s Legal Service and Mental Health Legal Service. Prior to my work at Consumer Action, I had worked in public and private legal sectors, as well as an Associate in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Important note: all views expressed on this blog are my own. 


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